Pure Icelandic Cod Liver Oil Extra Virgin


Our Story

The Vikings truly understood that ingesting cod liver oil on regular basis greatly improved their health and spirit. Using the old traditional methods of the Icelandic settlers, we are able to bring you a unique extra virgin cod liver oil from the ocean around Iceland.

Bringing Nature to Our Customers

Our Pure Icelandic Cod Liver Oil Extra Virgin is made exlusively from fresh cod, caught and processed in a small Icelandic fishing village named Bolungarvík. We are proud to offer our customers a 100% natural cod liver oil of the highest quality.

Extra Virgin

Dropi Cod Liver Oil is crafted using an ancient extraction method, a technique which was mastered over 1000 years ago by the early Viking settlers in Iceland.The fresh cod liver is cold processed to maintain its natural properties and to preserve the natural state of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A & D. No artificial ingredients are added. The final product can thus be considered both an extra virgin cod liver oil, as well as a RAW food supplement.


Our cod liver oil contains only naturally occurring Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A & D. Please note that Dropi cod liver oil is made from 100% natural ingredients and its nutritional value, as well as the clear color of the oil, may therefore vary between bottles. Nutritional values are based on annual average.

Westfjords of Iceland

Experience the midnight sun

The Westfjords region has sometimes been dubbed “the most famous unknown place in Iceland”. Lonely Planet, the respected travel guide publisher, placed the Westfjords in its top 10 regions of the world to visit in 2011, saying that the “oddly shaped” peninsula is “as isolated as it is spectacular”. Luckily, “isolated” does not mean inaccessible. With only 7400 inhabitants in the area, each person has around 1.2 km² of personal space, so there is ample room for any visitors as well.[/dropcaps]
Although the locals are great, it is, by and large, the nature that attracts visitors. For understandable reasons as well: it is untouched and almost uninhabited. The cliffs and valleys are packed with birds, the uninhabited fjords offer a moment of silence and tranquility, and the Arctic fox proudly roams the mountains and inlets. The waterfalls are high and the streams pure. The distances are long and the fjords are deep. And then there are places where there are no roads at all.

The Westfjords are a great place to watch the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) during the winter and equally fantastic to experience the midnight sun during the summer.

Visiting the Westfjords is surely a different experience. It is Iceland, but yet a different Iceland altogether.


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