The Westfjords are a large peninsula in northwestern Iceland characterized by deep fjords , steep mountains, fantastic birdlife, clean air and rich fishing grounds. Good natural harbors in many of the fjords and their proximity to fishing areas are vital for the local economy. Westfjords are one of the least populated quarters of Iceland and there is no large scale industrial companies or polluting industry operating in the peninsula, therefore the Westfjords are an industrial free zone.

The Westfjords are a true natural pearl in our unspoiled country, well worth visiting.



Our production facility is based in Bolungarvík, a small fishing village located approximately 14 kilometers from Ísfjörður at the Westfjords peninsula. The distance from the capital city Reykjavík is approximately 473 kilometers.

Bolungarvík is well positioned close to abundant fishing grounds and it is known as the oldest fishing community in Iceland. This small town is popular among turists for for hiking, horse riding and birdwatching.